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 With a growing demand for larger hulls, Belliveau Shipyard Limited has taken steps in developing a wider mold along with a new molding shop to accommodate it.

 Belliveau Shipyard Limited is pleased to announce the latest addition to our line of hulls. On February 27, 2013, the "Rhino" mold was up-righted and placed on it's casters in our new molding shop.

 The "Rhino" mold is 50ft. long, 26ft.6in. wide (at the wheel house) with a 25ft. stern width and the transom height is 8ft. The lines of our new mold where taken from the popular "Kustom" hull that we have been manufacturing since 1998. Unfortunately, due to it's narrow construction (19ft.6in.), the "Kustom" mold required lots of man hours to build a hull at the widths sought after these days. In an effort to maintain the stability and sea keeping that our customers are accustomed to from our hulls, what we did was, make a hull from that mold, refine it and widen it,then we made our new mold off of this modified hull. When you see the keel of a new "Rhino" hull, it will be the same keel and sternpost as our "Kustom" hull. Other than the bow section, which is much fuller, pretty much everything else is the same as the modified "Kustom" hulls that we've been building recently.

 The big differences to you are, a better hull finish, more space down forward, and all of the other refinements we've made in this hull. The difference for us is, less man hours to build your new hull, allowing us to have more competitive pricing on todays "super hulls"   

 The new "Rhino" mold was constructed on site by our own crew, with an average of four people working fulltime on the project from February 2012 through to February 2013. We are very proud of the quality our crew has accomplished with the new mold and invite you to come in for a look. We'll be more than happy to show it off to you

 Our new mold is now in our new molding shop. The building is 70ft. X 75ft. and 29ft. tall inside. The double overhead doors, once opened allow a center mullion to quickly slide out to one side, creating a 34ft. wide opening. Like our last molding shop (Belliveau mold) the building has in-floor heat and an in-floor fume extraction system complete with a heat recovery system. With this type of building temperature, humidity and air quality can be controlled, providing a superior end product as well as a safer, healthier environment for our employees.